Principal’s Message

Excellence is an attitude, but not a rarity. Since mediocrity is the enemy of the best, we always try to excel everywhere. We believe that our students must be a dynamic component of the emerging India. We strive to develop each student into a breed of qualified, innovative and dynamic youth for nation building. He who works with all vigour and values for the betterment of society and human kind, do exceedingly well in all spheres of life and bring name and fame for themselves as was to their alma mater. This is in short what we are aiming at.

We are always upgrading ourselves to meet the new and upcoming changes and challenges in this dynamic world. In our parlance there is no room for complacence. There is no activity in any sphere which are not being explored, in short be it in sports, cultural, moral and academic, technological, personality development, self- confidence, duty to family and society at large.

The legacy which we have inherited from our great scholars and teachers always guide us to adopt a proper vision and goal without diluting our entrenched values. Inculcating values is also given prime importance here. At a time of globalization, the ambit of education has structurally and contextually changed. The toughest task is to accommodate these new changed scenarios without shaking our fundamental and time tested values.

Along with hailing our past achievements and glorious records, we are very conscious to revamp and recreate a concrete and a strong system of education by which we want to impart a global level of education to our students. Our students should pass the global test with full colours and should not be found wanting.

Our paramount objective is to impart education to everyone irrespective of social and economic traits and to bring up a vast section of children who are marginalised only because of their economic depravity. Our motto is to provide excellent education for every child thus to remove all thebarriers and maladies in our society which will ultimately create an egalitarian society. In this attempt we would like to involve the whole section of our society.