Why Choose Us







M.D.K Arya Sr. Sec. Public School Pathankot is a place where learning takes place for everyone. Our safe and caring educational environment offers many personalized and unique opportunities. Students explore the world beyond school, learning about post-high school opportunities, careers, work, and community through community partnerships.

Students participate in self-directed, teacher-guided instruction while daily contact with an advisor and peer advisee group provides a tailored guidance experience towards graduation.

Dynamic Curriculum

We have designed an enhanced instruction program as we foster a dynamic, supportive learning environment. Our curriculum is unique—designed to adapt to the changing and diverse needs of our students and to prepare them to compete both academically and in the job market after high school.

Students at US engage in learning designed to develop understanding and skills in core subjects as well as gain exposure to the arts.

We proudly offer a broad selection of sports and other activities appealing to a wide range of student interests.

Our curriculum continually evolves and undergoes refinement by our students, teachers, and parents. Innovation and creativity are the hallmarks of our teaching philosophy.