Admission Process

Eligibility criteria for admission

From class VI onwards admission is based on entrance test and those who perform outstanding in the test will be eligible for applying scholarship. Admssion for senior secondary classes will be based on the merit.

Procedure for application

Application and school prospectus will be available from the school office on any working day between 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

Entrance Examination

Admission test starts in February and once registation is done date for the test will be informed to parents. Admssion will be completed by April 30th. Soon after the 10th class examination admission for 11th class will be started. 11th class admission will be purely on provisional basis and school will reserve all rights to finalize the admission procedure.


For all classes 75% attendance is compulsory for writing final examination. From class X onwards 80% attendance is a must.

Refund of fee

After joining the course, fee will not be refunded. The provisional fee which is paid at the time of joining class XI cannot be claimed back despite the student decides to discontinue the courses between the session.

Documents required for admission

  • Form available at School Office
  • Three passport size photographs
  • Transfer certificate from previous school/Date of Birth Proof

Streams offered for class XI

StreamSubjects Offered
MedicalEnglish, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science/Physical Education/Painting
Non MedicalEnglish, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science/Physical Education/Painting
CommerceEnglish, Accountancy, Business studies, Economics, Computer Science/ Entreprenuership/ Mathematics/Physical Education/Painting
HumanitiesEnglish, Economics, Home Science, Computer Science, Political Science, History, Hindi, Punjabi, Geography, Mathematics, Physical Education,Painting, Psychology

How to reach

The school is situated on the main highway from where public transport is available to all routes. Swami Ravidas temple is the landmark. The school location is known as MDK chowk or new Chakki pool.


Students are expected to well behave inside and outside the premises. Since this is an educational institution which would like to preserve our values and tradition and we strictly follow the puritanical order or Arya Samaj we expect discipline of the highest order from our students. In case of any misconduct, misbehaviour or induldgence in anti-social activity, without further notice the student who in it will be expelled from the school. Such student cannot claim any refund of the fee paid.

Jurisdiction of Dispute

Disputes, if any,are subject to the District Court of Pathankot

Uniform, Text and Note books

School will not direcly or indirectly sell uniforms and books. Once the study materials and uniforms are finalised, students can avail them from any outlet. School will not stipulate any condition on the quality of the uniform.


Kinder Garten:Boys:Denim Blue cotton Dangri with Lime Green Cotton Matty T-Shirts
Girls:Denim Blue cotton Tunics with Lime Green Cotton Matty T-Shirts
1st to 4th:Boys:Corporate Sky Blue Premium Shirts with Superfine Premium Peacock Blue Shorts
Girls:Corporate Sky Blue Premium Shirts with Superfine Premium Peacock Blue Twin Skirts
5th to 10th:Boys:Corporate Sky Blue Premium Shirts with Superfine Premium Peacock Blue Pants.
Girls:Corporate Sky Blue Premium Shirts with Superfine Premium Peacock Blue Divided Skirts
11th to 12th:Boys:Cream Shirts with Coffee Pants
Girls:Cream Shirts with Reddish check Divided Skirts

On saturdays white canvas shoe must be used. Coloured sports show will not be allowed. Uniform defaulters will be penalized.

Parent Teachers’ Meet

After every examination there will be a parent teachers’ meet which must be attended by every parent. For XI and XII there will be Parent Teachers’ meet in every month. Parents are permitted to meet teachers on all Saturdays after 12:00 pm. During the school time if wards are taken back for trivial purpose that day will be treated as absent.

School Time

In the Summer school time from 7:30 am to 2:05 pm. In the Winter 8:20 am to 2:45 pm.

School Fee

The School fee includes Annual charges and tution fee. Tution fee should be paid in four installments. The school session is divided into four quarters and the last date for the remission of the fee is the first week of the first month of the quarter, failing which will be inviting a fine of Rs. 20/- per day.