Principal’s Message

Welcoming New Students

A request to parents:

Dear parent
Congratulations for selecting our school for your ward. When you selected our school , I am sure you might have had a handful of reasons. One among them is ,of course, the quality of education which your child wants to obtain. Besides that, you may have scores of expectations related to character building, developing empathetic personality, unmasking shyness ,breeding good etiquette and manners, creating a good sports culture, rearing of sports man spirit, trueness and honesty etc.,
I am sure, your priority list is an interminable one. Our every effort is to fulfill your expectations and to make your ward a conformist who will be an integral part of our progressive aspirations.
We along with you will work forward to cherish each and every of your ambition. Whenever you face any hiccup don’t hesitate to call us. Our every faculty member is primed for debugging your problem always. We will have a get together very soon.
Kindly ensure that your ward is coming to school regularly and he/she is furnished with all their basic needs. Once again we welcome you to our family.

Jeevan V.K.